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Goldman catches Bloomberg reporters spying on terminal users

James O’Toole
CNNMoney [1]
May 12, 2013

Big Bloomberg is watching you.

That was the unsettling realization Goldman Sachs (GS [2]Fortune 500 [3]) executives came to a few weeks ago when a Bloomberg reporter inadvertently revealed the surveillance capabilities reporters from the news and financial data provider have over users of Bloomberg terminals.

Traders throughout the financial world depend on Bloomberg terminals for real-time data on markets of all kinds as well as news and instant messaging. The machines reportedly rent for $20,000 a year and are used by thousands of subscribers, bringing in a substantial portion of the company’s revenue.

In a recent conversation with a Goldman executive, a Bloomberg reporter mentioned that a partner at the bank hadn’t logged into his terminal recently. This prompted concern from Goldman that Bloomberg journalists could be tracking users on the terminals, a bank spokesman said.

The news was reported earlier by the New York Post [4].

Full story here. [1]