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Google and CIA Fund Political Precrime Technology

Kurt Nimmo
July 29, 2010

More evidence has emerged revealing Google’s spook connections. Noah Shachtman [1], writing for Wired, details how the CIA’s technology investment operation, In-Q-Tel, and Google are supporting a company that monitors the web in real time. The company, Recorded Future, scans tens of thousands of websites, blogs and Twitter accounts to find imputed relationships between people, organizations, actions and incidents. Recorded Future claims it can utilize this information to predict the future.

“The idea is to figure out for each incident who was involved, where it happened and when it might go down. Recorded Future then plots that chatter, showing online ‘momentum’ for any given event,” writes Shachtman. CEO Christopher Ahlberg, a former Swedish Army Ranger with a PhD in computer science, told Wired “you can actually predict the curve, in many cases” with the software developed by his company.

As previously noted here and elsewhere, Google has done business with the NSA and the CIA in the past. In-Q-Tel financed the mapping firm Keyhole bought by Google in 2004. “This appears to be the first time, however, that the intelligence community and Google have funded the same startup, at the same time,” writes Shachtman.

In the above promotional video produced by Recorded Future, the software is utilized to search for the keywords “Pakistan” and “jihad,” leading us to believe the technology will be used to track down and data-mine information about Muslim terrorists and rogue states.

The NSA, however, has a history of spying on American citizens exercising their First Amendment rights. For instance, in 2004, it was revealed that the mega-snoop agency had worked with the Baltimore Intelligence Unit of the Baltimore City Police Department to monitor an anti-war organization [2]. In December, 2005, The New York Times [3] revealed that the Bush administration and the NSA had eavesdropped on the electronic communications of Americans.

The Pentagon, the FBI, and the CIA have a long track record of violating the civil liberties of Americans.

“The NSA kicked its spy campaign into high gear in the 1960s. The FBI demanded that the NSA monitor antiwar activists, civil rights leaders, and drug peddlers,” writes Earl Ofari Hutchinson [4]. “The Senate Select Committee that investigated government domestic spying in 1976 pried open a tiny public window into the scope of NSA spying.”


During the reign of Bush it was revealed that the FBI, the Pentagon and the National Security Agency had each set up covert operations to monitor the constitutionally protected political activities of citizens opposed to the Bush administration’s war in Iraq. The FBI targeted a large number of people, including a “vegan community project” in Indianapolis, the Catholic Worker movement and its “semi-communistic ideology,” Code Pink, the anti-war coalition United for Peace and Justice, Greenpeace and attendees of the Third National Organizing Conference on Iraq, according to Joel Bleifuss [6] writing for In These Times.

In 2009 the Department of Homeland Security produced a document targeting returning veterans, advocates of the Second Amendment, and state militias and patriot groups as potential terrorists. In Missouri and Virginia, police intelligence agencies characterized constitutionalists, Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin supporters, and members of the patriot community as terrorists.

Recorded Future, when finally implemented, will not data-mine CIA and intelligence community manufactured Muslim terrorists, as the video above intimates, but the real threat to the establishment — the American people.

Google is complicit in the effort to build a huge surveillance and control grid. It is an enthusiastic handmaiden of the global elite. Recorded Future is a pre-crime tool that will be used by the controllers to predict what the ruling elite consider criminal activity — support for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and the willingness to exercise and defend those liberties in the political realm.