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Google Gestapo Coming to a City Near You

GiGi Erneta
Prison Planet.com
June 1, 2013

Lithunia, Greece and various parts of Europe are experiencing the pressure of the Google Gestapo as they drive across countries in their spy-mobiles. Google Street View service has partnered up with local tax authorities [1], and together they are draining the pockets of residents as they turn people against each other and into citizen spies.

The Lithuanian Tax office has gone as far as creating their own iPhone app so residents can upload information about their neighbors. “We were very impressed,” said Modestas Kaseliauskas, Lithuanian State Tax Inspectorate. “We realized that we could do more with less and in shorter time.” Hundreds of thousands of dollars are being collected out of an already cash strapped European public.

Last year over 2,500 people reported citizens that they thought might be tax evaders. Gives a whole new meaning to “see something, say something.”