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Google Pushes Back On Times’ Report Of Verizon Deal

Eric Lach
Aug 6, 2010

Google is disputing a New York Times report [1] that the company is close to a private deal with Verizon in which Google could pay Verizon to ensure that its content received priority in reaching web users.

The potential deal between Google and Verizon has been widely [2] reported [3], but the companies are taking exception to what they see as the Times‘ depiction of it as a financial agreement.

“The New York Times is quite simply wrong,” Google spokesperson Mistique Cano told TPM in an email. “We have not had any conversations with Verizon about paying for carriage of Google or YouTube traffic.”

“We remain as committed as we always have been to an open Internet,” she said.

Google Public Policy’s twitter feed had tweeted [4] a similar statement earlier in the day. “@NYTimes is wrong. We’ve not had any convos with VZN about paying for carriage of our traffic. We remain committed to an open internet.”

Full article here [5]

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