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GOP CONGRESSMAN: Military Members Keep Telling Me To Vote No On Syria

Business Insider [1]
September 1, 2013

After President Obama delivered a speech in the Rose Garden where he said the United States “should [2]” strike Syria following a deadly chemical weapons attack, Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) took to Twitter to dispute that claim with comments from those who would likely carry out that order.

“I’ve been hearing a lot from members of our Armed Forces,” Amash tweeted [3]. “The message I consistently hear: Please vote no on military action against Syria.”

Now that Obama has deferred to congressional debate, a vote on striking Syria would likely come up on the week of Sep. 9. The President probably has the support of the Senate, but the vote could have some trouble in the House, as Josh Barro points out. [4]

Since Amash’s initial tweet, he’s been retweeting comments that have been sent in from military members and veterans. Many of my own military sources have expressed reservations with action in Syria, especially following service in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Here’s a sampling: