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GOP Strategist: Ron Paul Could Win Republican Nomination

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Perry, Romney and Cain will all fade away, says Burkman

Paul Joseph Watson
Wednesday, October 13, 2011

Republican Strategist Jack Burkman told Fox Business host Judge Andrew Napolitano that “Ron Paul could win the GOP nomination,” given the fact that Perry and Romney’s campaigns have started to crumble whereas Herman Cain has no real political experience.

“I can see Ron Paul catching on….if you look at the whole range of issues and if you look at who else is out there, there aren’t a lot of choices,” said Burkman.

Adding that Ron Paul tied together a lot of concerns shared by social conservatives, Burkman stated, “I’m going to make a bold prediction – Ron Paul could win the GOP nomination. A lot of people are going to think that’s fanciful, let’s take a look at it, Perry is starting to stumble, Bachmann and Gingrich probably already out, Romney the frontrunner….it’s impossible for him to win, he can’t get through the South on Super Tuesday, question becomes who’s left.”

Burkman added that Herman Cain, although surging in polls at present, had “no real political experience” and that his campaign would eventually go nowhere.

“I could easily see Paul surging,” concluded Burkman.

Burkman can hardly be dismissed as a Paulite cheerleader, indeed he is one of the few mainstream media talking heads who dares to admit that Ron Paul has a chance of success.

Burkman is a Washington DC-based political consultant and regularly appears on mainstream networks, including Fox News, ABC News, MSNBC and CNN.

As we have documented, the establishment is petrified that Ron Paul could build the kind of momentum that would catapult him to the head of a line in a field dominated by compromised candidates who all have skeletons in their closet, from Herman Cain’s Fed connections to Mitt Romney’s Obamacare identikit past.

That’s why they’ve deliberately crafted a policy to ignore, dismiss and ridicule his campaign, despite the fact that Paul has repeatedly performed well in both straw polls and national polls of likely Republican voters.

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It’s also why Ron Paul is routinely given significantly less time in televised debates than the likes of Romney, Cain and Rick Perry.

As we reported earlier this week, Tony Perkins, the principal organizer of the Values Voters Summit derided his own group’s straw poll as irrelevant after Ron Paul won, dismissing the results as not being “truly reflective of where values voters stand.”

Speaking before the results were announced, Congressman Paul stated, “If I win, it wouldn’t be as important to the media than if I lose.”

Indeed, Perkins’ dismissal of the importance of the poll result continues the trend where straw polls are only deemed important if they are won by establishment Republicans.

When Michele Bachmann won the Iowa straw poll, the mainstream media gushed with enthusiasm and immediately classified Bachmann as a frontrunner, while completely ignoring Ron Paul’s strong second place showing less than 200 votes behind the Minnesota Republican.

However, when Ron Paul won a big victory in the California straw poll just weeks later, the corporate press all but blacklisted the story.

Both CNN and Fox News have also sabotaged their own polls after Ron Paul emerged as the winner, CNN by swapping the poll to get different results and Fox News by deleting it from from their website altogether.

This process of downplaying Paul’s victories while trumpeting those of his rivals is how the establishment attempts to dictate reality – this is how “frontrunners” are manufactured from the top down.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show.

This article was posted: Thursday, October 13, 2011 at 7:24 am

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