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Gosnell Horrors “Standard Operating Procedure” in Abortion Industry

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Dave Bohon
The New American
May 10, 2013

As the public awaits the verdict in “House of Horrors” abortionist Kermit Gosnell’s murder trial, pro-life leaders say that the “post abortion” killings of babies born alive may not be all that unusual in the abortion industry. Gosnell is charged with the murders of four babies born alive at his Philadelphia clinic, and investigators speculate hundreds of babies may have been killed in similar manner by him or co-workers, having their spinal cords snipped with a surgical scissors after being delivered alive. Abortion industry observers say the mindset of death and disregard for babies that permeated Gosnell’s Women’s Medical Society has been on display at other clinics around the nation.

In 2008, Operation Rescue reported that a nurse working with George Tiller associate Shelley Sella, a circuit-riding late-term abortionist, allegedly witnessed Sella stab to death a baby born alive during a late-term abortion at Tiller’s Women’s Health Care Services abortion clinic in Wichita, Kansas. The nurse, identified as Tina David, a Tiller employee, “gave us a very specific eye-witness account about the incident,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “We were told that the baby was 35 weeks gestation at the time of the abortion. The baby came out and was moving. Sella looked up at Ms. David, then picked up a utensil and stabbed the baby in the left ribcage, twisting the utensil until the baby quit moving. At 35 weeks, there is no doubt about viability. This is murder in anybody’s book.”

In March 2008, Students for Life in America released an undercover video in which Tiller, who was himself murdered in 2009, can be seen and heard saying that if a baby is born alive during an abortion, “it’s just sloppy technique. It is just technique that is reprehensible. The guy that did that ought to have his head beat up.”

And on May 7, Sarah Terzo, a pro-life activist who runs a website devoted to exposing the abortion industry, published an articlerecalling a 2005 case in which a woman gave birth to a live baby during a late-term abortion at a Florida clinic. The abortion, performed by the Orlando’s Women’s Center, was a two-day affair, and after the first day, the woman, identified as Angele, could feel the baby kick as she waited the night in her motel room. The next morning Angele took pills that were supposed to cause her to expel the deceased “fetus,” but after an intense and painful period of labor, she finally delivered her still-living baby — whom she had earlier decided to name Rowan — into a clinic toilet.

Angele recalled that she screamed for the attendant, “showed her Rowan, told her he was alive and moving and to call 911! She took a quick look, said he’s not moving now and she’d be back to take care of things while walking out. I called her again. I was touching Rowan softly and he moved again. I called her back. Rowan jumped, I think startled [him] by the loud sound of my calling for help. I showed her that he was moving and alive. I begged her to hurry and call 911, now!”

Instead, the attendant did nothing, and while Angele phoned a friend to call paramedics, Rowan eventually died. When the police (not paramedics) eventually arrived on the scene, wrote Terzo of the deadly affair, the attendant “told them that a patient had merely ‘passed some tissue’ and that ‘the physician had the situation under control.’ She convinced them not to enter the clinic.”

Such behavior is, apparently, not unheard-of on the part of abortion workers. As reported by The New American, an undercover video filmed by the pro-life group Live Action shows an abortionist in Washington, D.C., admitting that he would not lift a finger to help save a baby born alive during an abortion. Asked by an undercover Live Action investigator posing as a pregnant woman seeking an abortion what he would do if her aborted baby somehow survived his murderous late-term procedure, abortionist Cesare Santengelo is video-taped saying that while “legally we would be obligated to help it, you know, to survive,” if the mother “went into labor, the membranes ruptured, and you delivered before we got to the termination part of the procedure here … [t]hen we would do things — we would — we would not help it. We wouldn’t intubate.”

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While it is difficult for normal people to fathom such attitudes and behavior on the part of an abortion purveyor, Paul Rondeau, executive director of American Life League, pointed out that whether early or late in a pregnancy, countless babies face the same tragic and needless death at the hands of abortionists every year. Citing clinics run by Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice, and other groups who insist they have the interests of women at heart, Rondeau charged that “death, deception, and exploitation of women and young girls are standard operating procedure in a field that is in the business of killing pre-born human beings for money.”

At whatever age a pre-born baby is killed, he wrote, “to do that job [abortion] and live with yourself, you must either adopt the belief that a pre-born baby is only potential excrement or assume that certain human beings lack the right not to be murdered. And, you must convince your customers of the same.”

At the end of the day, observed Lila Rose, founder and president of Live Action, “dismembering and destroying innocent children, leaving born babies to die, injecting poison into the chest of a tiny child so that he slowly dies in his own mother’s womb — this is all standard operating procedure in the abortion industry.

This article was posted: Friday, May 10, 2013 at 3:38 am

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