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Greek protesters walk off the job, block property tax

Yiorgos Karahalis

Reuters [1]

Greek protesters tried to disrupt collection of an unpopular new property tax on Thursday and transport workers went on strike in a growing wave of protests against harsh new austerity measures.

With the socialist government of Prime Minister George Papandreou trying to push new cuts through parliament to meet demands from international lenders, opposition has strengthened ahead of a planned general strike on Oct. 19 which is expected to shut down much of the country.

On Thursday, protesters occupied the printing offices of Greek power utility PPC < DEHr.AT >, which is set to collect the property tax, with a few dozen protesters hanging banners reading: “We are not going to stop providing electricity to the poor people even if they put us in jail”.

Protests have spread to other sectors as well. The ancient Acropolis, Greece’s most famous monument, was closed to tourists and Athens was hit by strikes by garbage collectors and hospital workers. Lawyers refused to appear in court.

Full story here. [1]