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Gulf of Mexico oil leak ‘could increase by a fifth’

Toby Harnden and Richard Alleyne
London Telegraph [1]
May 31, 2010

The amount of oil leaking from BP’s rupture well in the Gulf of Mexico could increase by up to a fifth while efforts are made to cap it, the White House has said.

Carol Browner, President Barack Obama’s adviser for environment and energy, acknowledged that the new strategy, called a containment cap, could increase the flow because a pipe called a riser needed to be cut in order for the cap to have a spot to fit over cleanly.

Speaking to CBS’s ‘Face the Nation’, she said: “What our experts are saying is that when you cut the riser, the kink may be holding some of the oil in, and so we could see an increase,” she said.

President Barack Obama was briefed by administration officials and discussed BP’s efforts to put machines into place that will be used to cut the well’s riser pipe. The riser cutting will likely start on Monday or Tuesday, according to Robert Gibbs, the White House spokesman.

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