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Guns and Journalists Don’t Mix

Moonbattery [1]
January 27, 2020

As the NRA often proves, responsible gun owners believe in the crucial importance of both the Second Amendment and gun safety.

Small children should not have unsupervised access to guns. Neither should reporters from leftist publications, for the same reasons.

The Post Millennial [2] lists a few key gun safety rules most everyone can agree are among the most essential:

Never point a gun at something you aren’t willing to shoot, [k]eep your safety on until you’re ready to fire, finger off the trigger until ready to fire, and always treat a gun like it’s loaded.

Keeping the safety on isn’t always relevant, but the other three are.

Now watch Vice journalist Brian Anderson break all four rules while pointing a Tommy gun at his cameraman:

Anderson must have pulled the trigger by accident, because the click seemed to surprise him. He would have been even more surprised if the gun had turned out to be loaded.

Another video comes to mind:

Once again it is confirmed that the liberal media knows so little about firearms that its opinions on the topic are irrelevant.