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Gunshot Wound to Dzhokhar’s Face Contradicts Original Boston Bombing Narrative

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Medical report reveals Dzhokhar Tsarnaev suffered from fractured skull due to gunshot wound to the face

Julie Wilson
August 22, 2013

Trauma surgeon Stephen Ray Odom, of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, testified on April 22 that alleged Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev suffered from a “high-powered injury” that resulted in wounds to the middle ear, the skull base, his vertebrae and his pharynx.

The testimony, which was unsealed this week, indicates Tsarnaev’s most serious injury was a gunshot wound to the head that appeared to enter through the “lower left side of his mouth, exiting through the lower left side of his face,” according to CNN’s recent report.

However, the photographs released by Sgt. Sean Murphy, a tactical photographer with the Massachusetts State Police, shows Tsarnaev standing upright holding his hands in the air as an act of submission before being apprehended by police.

Photo: Via Sean Murphy

Photo: Via Sean Murphy

Photo: Via Sean Murphy

Photo: Via Sean Murphy

Based on the released photos, it’s obvious that Tsarnaev had not suffered from a gunshot wound to the face at this point. If he had, he most likely wouldn’t have been mobile, let alone able stand and walk towards police surrendering himself.

The Daily Mail reported that Dzhokhar suffered from multiple gunshot wounds, including one that left his skull fractured.

Dr. Odom’s report does not state whether the wounds were self-inflicted, or caused by police during the shootout.

Initial reports stated that police fired at Tsarnaev using rubber bullets (which is debunked through the audio of the video below), however once photos of the boat riddled with bullet holes emerged, police retracted that story replacing it with allegations that Tsarnaev was armed and firing at police.

These allegations were also later debunked when reports revealed that Tsarnaev was not found with any weapons.

Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis claims Tsarnaev “fired several shots from inside the boat,” reported the NY Post. The report also states that Dzhokhar suffered a wound to the back of the neck in a possible suicide attempt.

According to the government’s narrative, Tsarnaev thought he was dying so he searched the boat, was able to find a pen and wrote the following messages inside the interior of the boat wall:

• “F*** America”
• “Praise Allah”
• He mentioned “infidels”
• He “‘does not mourn’ the death of his older brother because he is a martyr living in the ‘paradise’ and that he expected to join him there soon”
• He wrote that the “bombings were retribution for the various American crimes against Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan”
• He called the victims of the bombing “‘collateral damage’ like the thousands of innocent Muslim victims of American wars across the globe”
• He also said “When you attack one Muslim, you attack all Muslims”

It seems ridiculous to imagine Tsarnaev writing all these messages during his final moments. And of course the public can’t view the messages because the boat was so badly riddled with bullet holes, yet it was reportedly legible enough for police to make it out.

Despite reports that Tsarnaev tried to kill himself, the timing of his injuries is debatable.

Did cops inflict the throat and/or bullet wounds to the head after Tsarnaev was apprehended by police in an attempt to kill him, or at the very minimum, disable his ability to speak?

Officials reportedly spent several days questioning Tsarnaev before reading his rights under the excuse that he was a “public safety exception,” which allows investigators to question a suspect without reading their Miranda Rights, reported CNN.

Infowars editor Kurt Nimmo disclosed in a July report that Officer Jeff Campbell of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Transit Police SWAT Unit said, “I did see a throat injury. To me it looked more like a knife wound.

“It wasn’t a puncture hole. It was a slice where it was spread open, possibly a piece of shrapnel from one of the explosives that they were using the night before. It didn’t look like a bullet wound to me. It looked like a cut of some kind.”

While inconsistencies continue to plague this case, one thing is certain and that’s that the story is sure to change again, evolving in a manner that compliments the government’s agenda.

This article was posted: Thursday, August 22, 2013 at 2:43 pm

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