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Hackers discover vulnerability in Amazon Echo devices that could let anyone SPY on your conversations

Daily Mail [1]
August 14, 2018

A group of security researchers have exposed a flaw in the Amazon [2] Echo that allows hackers to secretly listen to unsuspecting users’ conversations – but only if they’re savvy enough to be able to carry out the attack.

In a presentation dubbed ‘Breaking Smart Speakers: We are Listening to You,’ researchers from Chinese tech giant Tencent explained how they were able to build a doctored Echo speaker and use that to gain access to other Echo devices.

The researchers have since notified Amazon of the vulnerability, and the company issued a patch in July.

‘After several months of research, we successfully break the Amazon Echo by using multiple vulnerabilities in the Amazon Echo system, and [achieve] remote eavesdropping,’ the researchers said in the presentation, which was given at the DEF CON security conference, according to Wired [3].

‘When the attack [succeeds], we can control Amazon Echo for eavesdropping and send the voice data through network to the attacker.’

First, the researchers took apart an Echo speaker and removed its flash memory chip.

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