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Half of Israelis ‘fear for the state’s existence’ if war breaks out with Iran

Yossi Verter
Haaretz [1]
Sept 27, 2012

The Jewish New Year that began last week doesn’t seem to hold much optimism for Israeli citizens: A majority rates the chance of a war breaking out with Iran in the coming year as “high” or “medium,” according to a new Haaretz-Dialog survey.

And half of Israelis say they either “fear” or “greatly fear” for the state’s continued existence if such a war breaks out.

Only a quarter of those questioned said they do not fear for the state’s future in a scenario in which Israel and Iran go to war. Something has evidently happened to Israelis’ famed self-confidence.

While the question of fear for the state’s existence has not been asked in previous opinion polls, it can reasonably be assumed that this is an exceptional finding. That should please Iran’s leaders, who have proclaimed several times recently that the Zionist state’s days are numbered.

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