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Happy Labor Day: Obama and Romney Both Scorn You, the American Worker

Washington’s Blog [1]
Sept 4, 2012

On Labor Day, it’s worth reflecting on how bad the 2 mainstream candidates are for workers.

Mr. Self-Sufficient Job Creator Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital destroyed jobs left and right [2].

Romney launched Bain Capital with money from the leaders of El Salvador’s death squads [3].

And a federal bailout saved Bain [4] from ruin.

But surely Mr. Liberal Help-the-Little-Guy Barack Obama is fighting for the worker?

Unfortunately not … Obama thinks that unemployment is a good thing [5], because it shows that the economy is productive.

Despite the partisan rhetoric [6], Obama and Romney both support policies which help the ultra-rich [7] – andpoliticos in D.C. [8]– at the expense of everyone else. [9]

They both support idiotic government policies [5], the off-shoring of American jobs [10]never-ending bailouts [11]and ruthless behavior by the big banks [12] … and so we will continue to have Depression-level unemployment [13] under either a second Obama term or a president Romney.