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Hardin, Montana May be Staging Area for United Nations Civilian Police

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

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Captain Mike Hilton may have been the public relations stooge decoy to focus people off Civilian Police, International.

Civilian Police International (CPI) is a joint venture between MPRI, AGS, Wackenhut and Kellogg Brown and Root that “was created specifically to bring new discipline, new efficiencies and new responsiveness to the [International Police Task Force] IPTF program.”[1]

The United Nations’ International Police Task Force was established in 1995 to carry out programs of police assistance in Bosnia and Herzegovina. [2]

CPI was formed in January 2004 to handle a contract to support the U.S. State Department in international law enforcement and criminal justice programs. [3] This initial contract was awarded in February of 2004 and was worth $1.6 billion. [4]



Specifically, CPI recruits former, experienced law officials of a variety of sorts, and trains them for State Department funded training operations in cooperation with UN CIVPOL (Civilian Police) programs directed to recent and emerging police and security forces around the world. They have been active in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.

CPI, along with DynCorp and Pacific Architects and Engineers / Homeland Security Corporation, recently received a contract from the State Department to fulfill the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs requirement to work with civilian police and law enforcement programs in support of international peacekeeping missions.

They will be working with the Civilian Police and Rule of Law office to “recruit, select, train, equip, deploy and support the officers and experts” involved in CIVPOL programs in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Haiti, Liberia, East Timor, Serbia & Montenegro and Sudan. [5][6]