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Harry Reid Wants CIA To Give Trump FAKE Intelligence Briefings

“Don’t tell him anything, just fake it, because this man is dangerous”

Steve Watson
Prison Planet.com
August 5, 2016

In comments not widely reported last week, the Democratic Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said he would rather see the CIA and other intelligence agencies give GOP nominee Donald Trump FAKE briefings than make sure he’s informed before potentially becoming President.

Reid suggested that it would be risky to divulge classified information pertaining to national security to Trump, so it should just be faked.

Even more incredulous is the fact that Reid is the one accusing Trump of being “dangerous”.

“How would the CIA and the other intelligence agencies brief this guy? How could they do that?” Reid asked in an interview with The Huffington Post.

“I would suggest to the intelligence agencies, if you’re forced to brief this guy, don’t tell him anything, just fake it, because this man is dangerous,” Reid continued.

“Fake it, pretend you’re doing a briefing, but you can’t give the guy any information.” he added.

Reid even accused Trump of being part of some nefarious Russian conspiracy to take over the US.

“This guy, he’s part of a foreign power,” Reid stated. “We knew he liked Putin before this, but this is quite ridiculous.”

“We know there are connections between Putin and Trump. How do we know that? He said so. And I’ve never heard Putin deny it. In fact, he has done just the opposite.” Reid continued.

Democrats have suggested that the hack of official party emails immediately prior to the DNC was the work of the Russian government, in some sort of plot to discredit Hillary Clinton (as if she needs anyone else’s help to do that).

Democrats also jumped on a Trump speech last week during which he suggested he’d like to see Russia leak classified emails that are thought to have been obtained from Hillary Clinton’s homemade server.

While Clinton was the one responsible for opening up sensitive US government information to foreign powers, Trump was accused of ‘treason’ for making the comments.

Harry Reid stopped short of calling Trump treasonous in the interview, but he did cite the Watergate scandal in reference to Trump’s comments.

“I think Watergate was something that people understood. It was wrong, morally wrong, for the president of the United States to be involved in such trivia,” Reid said. “What Trump is talking about is much worse than Watergate. Absolutely.”

“I’ve never seen anything like Donald Trump.” Reid declared.

Trump is due to receive intelligence briefings in the coming weeks, as is Clinton. It is standard procedure for both candidates to have the limited updates so they are somewhat prepared to take office when the time comes.

Asked Thursday whether Trump should get the briefings, President Obama reluctantly agreed he should.

“We are going to go by … both the tradition and the law, that if somebody is the Republican nominee for president, they need to get security briefings so that if they were to win, they are not starting from scratch,” Obama said at a press conference at the Pentagon.

Having declared Trump unfit to be president this week, Obama advised Trump that under no circumstances should details of the briefings be made public.

“They have been told these are classified briefings,” he said. “If they want to be president, they have to start acting like president.”

Obama added that Trump needs to be “able to receive these briefings and not spread them around.” (like Hillary Clinton did).


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’ Infowars.com, and Prisonplanet.com