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Hasta la vista, humans: The menace of “killer robots”

Versha Sharma
vocativ.com [1]
November 1, 2013

This is about killer robots who can kill on their own. First of all, they’re already here.

They’re on the border between South Korea and North Korea — robot sentries topped with machine guns stand watch for intruders in the demilitarized zone.

“It looks a bit like a tall R2D2 and has a machine gun on top,” describes Dr. Peter Asaro, a roboticist and professor at the New School. “It’s used in a remote operated mode but it has the capability for fully autonomous, so it can use its cameras to detect human targets and fire at them.” On its own.

That capability is currently switched off, but it exists. And the development of “killer robots” doesn’t stop there. Autonomous death machines are in development in labs and testing fields around the world, including in the U-S.

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