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Hawaiian politician backs away from Web dossier law

Declan McCullagh
CNet [1]
January 27, 2012

A Hawaii politician who proposed requiring Internet providers to record every Web site their customers visit is now backing away from thecontroversial legislation [2].

Rep. Kymberly Pine [3], an Oahu Republican and the House minority floor leader, told CNET this evening that her intention was to protect “victims of crime,” not compile virtual dossiers on every resident of–or visitor to–the Aloha State who uses the Internet.

“We do not want to know where everyone goes on the Internet,” Pine said. “That’s not our interest. We just want the ability for law enforcement to be able to capture the activities of crime.”

Pine acknowledged that civil libertarians and industry representatives have leveled severe criticism of the unprecedented legislation, which even the U.S. Justice Department did not propose when calling for new data retention laws [4] last year. A Hawaii House of Representatives committee met this morning [5] to consider the bill (PDF [6]), which was tabled.

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