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Steer clear of national ID card

> Reuters Photo Wire Picks Up Bush Nazi Salute

> Demands for passenger lists called 'invasive, harmful'

> Fla. investigating death of man zapped with Taser

> The Patriot Act Is Unpatriotic

> New Bill Could Make Bush President For Life

The government agent quickens his step, eyeing his subject with great suspicion. "Your papers, please," he asks, extending a hand to accept a government-issued identification card.Surreal? A scene from a movie? Maybe. And then again, maybe not.

Former Bush Cabinet Member Appears On Alex Jones Show; Says Government Complicit In 9/11

Morgan Reynolds appeared on The Alex Jones Show to discuss his recent article concerning the collapse of the twin towers and concurred that all the evidence suggests government complicity in the attack.

> San Francisco Chronicle Covers Downing Street Memo

> Downing Street Memo Activists "Wing Nuts," "Paranoid"


> Schwarzenegger Jeered at Graduation Speech

> Abortionist accused of eating fetuses

> Schiavo Autopsy Report to Be Released

> Bin Laden and Omar alive and well says Taliban commander

> Iraq 'no more safe than in 2003'

The Draft: Alex Jones Interviews Charles Rangel

Alex Jones interviews Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY), who has repeatedly reintroduced legislation that wold reinstitute a military draft. At first Rangel smokescreened it in pro-minority rhetoric but he admitted in later articles that it was simply because he supported Bush in using US military might to inavade sovereign nations.

The system has some interesting potential side effects. For one thing, the police (or an estranged spouse) could easily subpoena your "travel records" for use in an investigation.

While these scandals are written off in the mainstream press as the work of wayward soldiers taking procedures in their own hands, Lobel says that the duplicity and responsibility for these actions clearly point to the top-to the obvious complicity of Ashcroft, Rumsfeld, and most likely, the President himself.

> Unleashing the Resistance

> 9/11: Ten Smoking Guns

Pentagon Telegram Discussed Iraq To Israel Oil Pipeline

In a telegram sent by a senior Pentagon official to a top Israeli Foreign Ministry official, the United States asked Israel to check the possibility of pumping oil from Iraq to the oil refineries in Haifa.

> Alex Jones Interviews Robert A. Pastor

> Neocon Powergrab at the NSA

> CIA University Spies

> The Alex Jones Report June 2nd 2005

> Saudis Reject Call for Inspections

> Taiwan navy urged to patrol disputed waters ahead of talks with Japan

> 'One way or another' N.Korea to lose nukes - U.S.

> Remember Alberto

> D.R.A.F.T.

> Pain Man

Outsourcing Torture and the Stop-Loss Program

> Airport to Adopt Biometrics Security System in September

GPS for your own good

> Hot new planet, possibly Earth-like, discovered orbiting nearby star

Zarqawi: US Provocateur
Galloway vs. US Senate
9/11 Newly Updated
Pat Tillman Hoax
Bilderberg 2005
Real ID
Hunter S. Thompson
Asian Tsunami

Murder Of Gary Webb
Deadly Vaccines
Stop The FTAA
Election 2004 Vote Fraud
Bin Laden Fraud
Patriot Act vs. US Citizens
Alex Jones Political Music

Truth or consequences.

Sparkman And The Blinkster

N. California quake sparks tsunami warning

An earthquake centered near Crescent City in northern California triggered an hour-long tsunami warning from Alaska to the Mexican border.

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