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Hillary Clinton ‘to be U.S. foreign chief’: Obama poised to pick his former rival for powerful role on world stage

UK Daily Mail [1]
Friday, Nov 14, 2008

Hillary Clinton has emerged as a candidate for Barack Obama’s new U.S. secretary of state, according to reports in the U.S. today.

Sources close to Obama said he was ‘very serious’ about offering Clinton the crucial role.

Condoleeza Rice, the current Secretary of State, will step down when the Democrat takes over from George W. Bush on January 20.

A senior aide to Clinton was asked yesterday if she would take the position if it was offered, according to ABC television news.

The aide reportedly replied: ‘I think so. What would you rather do – be senator or Secretary of State?’

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  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

Clinton flew to Chicago yesterday on ‘personal business’, on a day which Obama spent behind closed doors preparing for the transition to the presidency.

Rumours swept Washington that they were having a secret meeting.
There was no confirmation from either camp about any meeting, but Clinton had no official engagements yesterday. Her spokesman said the story was ‘speculation’.

Putting Clinton, wife of former President Bill Clinton, in the position could help heal whatever lingering divisions remain in the Democratic Party after her bitter battle with Obama.

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