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Hillary Clinton’s Campaign for ’12 Is Underway

Lee Cary
American Thinker [1]
Sept 10, 2010

Hillary’s campaign for the Democrat nomination for president in 2012 began last June 8, when, during an interview with an Ecuadorean television reporter, she announced the Department of Justice’s plan to bring a lawsuit against Arizona’s immigration act.

The conventional wisdom among news outlets back then was that while speaking off-script, she prematurely “let the cat out of the bag” — so wrote the . The episode was widely packaged and sold as an in-the-moment slip.

Now, recall who took the heat after Hillary spoke: Attorney General Eric Holder, who admitted not having yet read the Arizona bill, and Barack Obama. Meanwhile, the Secretary of State told a political secret offshore, and no one took public umbrage with her faux pas. On the contrary, it yielded cheese for the Cheshire cat as Arizona Governor Jan Brewer went ballistic against the Obama administration.

Let’s assume, for the moment, that Hillary’s announcement was planned. And that it was meant to embarrass the Obama administration. Let’s also assume that she chose to make that announcement outside the range of the legacy media’s attention span, which on a good day has the focus of a hummingbird. It took days for the news to migrate north from NTN24 Television out of Quito, Ecuador to the Beltway JournoListas. Hey, the SecState was having a casual conversation with an otherwise unknown Ecuadorian reporter, and, oops, the lawsuit just slipped out.

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You’re asking: So if she meant to make news, why not use the pages of the Washington Post, or the TV screen of “Face the Nation”? The Ecuadorean reporter [4]who interviewed Hillary. Nor did the LATimes [5]. They would have, had she been Katie Couric.

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