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Hillary to Give First Campaign Press Interview… to Clinton Insider

Clinton giving friendly “interview” to lap dog media

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July 6, 2015

CNN’s Brianna Keilar, who attended the wedding of a Hillary Clinton aide two weeks ago, was selected to have the first major press interview with Clinton since the start of her presidential campaign.

CNN announced that Clinton will give the interview to Keilar on Tuesday, who was spotted at the wedding of Adam Parkhomenko, the co-founder of Ready for Hillary, and Kirby Hoag, a campaign staffer.

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“Not only was Keilar there – also, CNN political producer Dan Merica (who is also covering Clinton’s 2016 run) and CNN’s Ashley Killough, who is covering 2016 Republicans,” the blog CNN Commentary reported [2]. “Also, an MSNBC reporter, a WaPo reporter, National Journal reporter, and a Hill reporter were present.”

The decision to grant an interview to an insider like Keilar stems from the Clinton campaign’s strategy to limit negative press about the former Secretary of State, who’s been caught in numerous scandals over the past several decades.

The campaign even roped off reporters from getting near the candidate as she walked and talked with voters during an Independence Day parade on Saturday.

“Reporters were reportedly allowed to get close to Clinton but were later herded away by campaign aides concerned about crowd control,” Fox News reported [3].

Clinton already set a record as the longest presidential candidate to avoid national press in modern history [4].

“Clinton, the likely Democratic presidential nominee, announced she would run for president via a recorded two-minute video message on Twitter Sunday April 12th,” Breitbart reported in April. “Following the announcement, Clinton dashed off to Iowa in her ‘Scooby’ van without giving any time to the national press, and very little time – if any – to local reporters.”

“Research tracing back through the 2012 and 2008 primaries suggests the longest a candidate went without doing an interview with national press after a presidential bid announcement was roughly two days.”