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Homeless Activist Treated Like Terror Suspect

Gene Haagenson
ABC 30 [1]
Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fresno, CA (KFSN) — When city crews recently cleaned up a homeless area in downtown Fresno, advocates, with cameras were there. The pictures are posted on the internet. But when one photographer followed city crews, to take pictures of where they were putting the stuff they cleaned up, police say city workers got suspicious.

“It was text book casing. Similar to what a domestic terrorist, an international terrorist, or simply, what a citizen meaning to do harm to the government would do just prior to an event.” Said Sgt. Ronald Grimm, the departments Homeland Security Coordinator.

The photographer was taking pictures inside the city maintenance yard. The Police Departments Homeland Security Bureau was notified and they tracked down the photographer by his license plate and sent him a letter. A portion of the letter read: “Your actions during your visit to this facility caused concern among several city employees and was brought to the attention of the Police Department’s Terrorism Liaison Officers.”



Homeless Advocate Mike Rhodes was among those monitoring the homeless cleanup, and believes the city is trying to intimidate them.

“When they are so concerned about our following up on local government activities that they classify us as terrorists and have us contacted by homeland security, that’s a little over the top.” Rhodes said.

Full article and video here [1]