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Homeowner’s upside-down flag brings distress to Palm Bay neighbors

R. Norman Moody and J.D. Gallop
Florida Today [1]
Nov 13, 2012

PALM BAY — An American flag waving in the afternoon breeze outside a Palm Bay home captured the attention of those living nearby. It has flown the past few days upside down.

“I saw it. I didn’t feel very good about that. I feel heartbroken,” said Shirley Moore, who lives across the street from the home on Hanscom Road in southwest Palm Bay.

Moore’s husband, Thomas Moore, a 62-year-old Navy veteran, said he found the display to be in poor taste, especially on an otherwise pleasant Veterans Day weekend.

“We served for the right of people to express themselves,” he said, clarifying that although allowed, he disagreed with the gesture. “It is a disrespect to the flag.”

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