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Hope Hicks should replace John Kelly as White House chief of staff

Washington Examiner [1]
June 29, 2018

Sources from the White House have been buzzing that John Kelly’s time as chief of staff may be coming to an end soon, and the race to replace him has already begun. Rather than looking to other members of the White House or various politicians and advisers, President Trump should bring back one of his most trusted and loyal advisers, Hope Hicks.

Hicks, the former White House director of communication, has experience working with Trump, providing her with invaluable insight into how Trump works. Unlike any other candidate he may be considering, she doesn’t need a learning curve and possesses the most important qualities that the president cares about: loyalty, independence, and a calming presence during chaos. Not to mention the historical importance of selecting Hicks: She’d be the youngest and first female White House chief of staff.

Hicks’ loyalty is undeniable and would be extremely important as an increasing number of establishment Republicans, most of whom did not vote for Trump either in the primary or in the general, have made their way into the administration. Unlike so many of the social climbers who want to replace Kelly, Hicks is not an ideologue. She’s not trying to make a name for herself, elevate certain political causes, or resurrect Bush-era policies like several others in the White House. She is not beholden to anyone besides Trump. She and only she will be fighting for Trump’s MAGA agenda because, like the president, she’s an outsider.

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