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How George Zimmerman Might Have Won the Trial on Day 5

Steven Skurka
Huffington Post [1]
July 1, 2013

I believe the fifth day of the George Zimmerman murder trial will be revisited after the trial finishes as the day that Zimmerman secured a not guilty verdict. Here are the six key factors that emerged from the evidence on Day 5:

1) Zimmerman’s Wet Clothing

Tim Smith was the first Sanford police officer to arrive on the scene of the altercation between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. He testified that Zimmerman was wearing a jacket and ”the back of it was wetter than the front of it. It was also covered in grass.” The officer also described the back of Zimmerman’s jeans as ”wetter than the front” and agreed in cross-examination that it was consistent with someone lying on his back in the wet grass.

This points to unassailable physical evidence that buttresses George Zimmerman’s claim of being on the bottom in the struggle with Trayvon Martin and forced to defend himself.

2) Medical Personnel Viewing Zimmerman’s injuries

A paramedic, Stacey Livingston, was at the scene for five minutes and observed Zimmerman with a ”very swollen, bleeding nose” with ”lacerations to the back of his head.” A physician assistant, Lindzee Felgate, treated Zimmerman the day after the altercation with Trayvon Martin. She agreed in cross-examination that the bumps, swelling and abrasions she noted on Zimmerman could be consistent with a head being hit against concrete and being struck in the face.

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