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How the brain can predict the FUTURE: Humans have two internal ‘clocks’ that pre-empt events by milliseconds

Daily Mail [1]
November 22, 2018

The human brain has two internal ‘clocks’ that predict our immediate future. 

That’s according to new research from the University of California [2], Berkeley, which suggests our neural wiring predicts the forthcoming milliseconds.

One of the ‘clocks’ relies on past experiences, while the other is dependent on rhythm – but both are crucial to how we navigate the world.

These inbuilt clocks allow humans to know when to press the accelerator pedal in a car momentarily before the light goes green and the cognitive timekeeping feature also allows us to know when exactly to start singing the next line of a song.

The internal timepieces were discovered after experts studied the accuracy of anticipatory timing amid people with Parkinson’s disease.

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