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How the Sheeple Reason

Becky Akers
Lew Rockwell Blog [1]
Oct 15, 2012

David Kramer sent me an article with the headline, “Flying Without a Photo ID [2].” It was a first-person account from a woman who confronted that disaster — and a disaster it is for serfs in a police-state — when she and her family embarked on a “weekend trip.” (Imagine a mother so devoid of common sense and decency that she subjects her kids to the TSA’s gate-rape for a “weekend trip.” But I digress.) As they were preparing to leave for the airport that morning, she “went through a mental travel check list. … All that was left was to check in online and print out the boarding passes. I grabbed my wallet to pay the $50 in advance for two checked bags to save time at the airport.” And left the wallet with her “photo ID” sitting on her desk. The rest of the piece instructs travelers how to negotiate the TSA’s security circus and its constant demands of “Papers, please” without papers.

Recall that “photo ID” is the TSA’s made-up, bogus requirement: there is no link between “proving” your identity and security except in far smaller, more personal settings (you might not want to admit a stranger who claims he’s from Time/Warner Cable to your home if he doesn’t carry the company’s ID). Recall as well that the TSA restricts what passengers may use as ID (basically, only driver’s licenses Our Rulers issue). Finally, recall that this silliness wouldn’t exist but for the equally silly TSA.

Our derelict mother clearly understands that the agency imposes this nonsense since she quotes its website and spokesliars throughout her article. So whom does she scold for the hoops through which she must jump at the airport as an “undocumented” traveler? Yep: everyone but the TSA. “I know that it’s ultimately my fault that I left my wallet behind in the rush to get out of the house. But I can’t help but blame the airline‘s extra baggage fees. If I hadn’t had to grab my credit card from wallet to pay for them, my wallet wouldn’t have been out of my purse in the first place.” [Emphasis added.]

In the sheeple’s Wonderland, government is never wrong. The responsibility for its atrocities, crimes, and inconveniences always lies elsewhere.