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Hoyer: No comparison between Obama, Bush secret surveillance

Mike Lillis
The Hill [1]
June 11, 2013

Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) on Tuesday defended the Obama administration’s domestic spying programs, arguing that, unlike the secret surveillance under President George W. Bush, the current programs appear legal.

“The difference between this program and the Bush program [is that] the Bush program was not sanctioned by law; this is pursuant to law,” Hoyer told reporters in the Capitol. “I think that’s a very important distinction that some people don’t draw, but they ought to draw.”

Hoyer, the Democratic whip, joined a growing list of congressional leaders from both parties in arguing that Edward Snowden, a former CIA contractor who leaked information about the spying programs, has jeopardized national security.

“This certainly compromises the intelligence gathering abilities of the United States and to that extent is helpful to … those who would cause us harm,” he said.

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