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Humans may not be descended from Neanderthals after all say scientists as they find DNA similarities are not the result of interbreeding

UK Daily Mail [1]
Aug 14, 2012

We may not, as previously thought, have a little bit of Neanderthal in us, scientists have revealed.

Similarities between the DNA of modern people and Neanderthals are more likely to have arisen from shared ancestry than interbreeding, a new study has found.

The team from the University of Cambridge published their new theory this week in PNAS journal.

Previously, it had been suggested that interbreeding was common, explaining our shared genome.

However, the newly published research proposes a different explanation.

Cambridge evolutionary biologists Dr Anders Eriksson and Dr Andrea Manica, found that the amount of DNA shared between modern Eurasian humans and Neanderthals – estimated at between 1-4% – actually comes from a common ancestor.

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