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Humans will be REPLACED by cyborgs as AI drives the next wave of our species’ evolution, futurist predicts

Daily Mail [1]
August 27, 2019

A prominent futurist warns that humans may soon cede their top spot on Earth’s hierarchy to their own artificially intelligent creations. 

In a new book, scientist, environmentalist, and futurist, James Lovelock, describes what he calls the ‘Novacene,’ — a new age in which humans could be eclipsed by intelligent machines.

‘Our supremacy as the prime understanders of the cosmos is rapidly coming to end,’ writes Lovelock in a new book titled ‘Novacene’ according to NBC [2].

‘The understanders of the future will not be humans but what I choose to call ‘cyborgs’ that will have designed and built themselves.’

In the Novacene — which means literally ‘new age’ — Lovelock says that the replacement of humans won’t necessarily be a violent or ‘Terminator’-like shift, but will instead be more of an evolutionary one.

Unlike biologically driven changes of the past, organic creatures will take a backseat to technology.

‘I think of cyborgs as another kingdom of life,’ he tells NBC.

‘They will stand to us in much the same way as we ourselves, as a kingdom of animals, stand to plants.’

The process is already underway via sophisticated artificial intelligence systems like those developed by Google, says Lovelock.

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