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Hunter Avallone Mocked By His Own Audience After Claiming Big Tech Is Not Targeting Conservatives

Chris Menahan
Information Liberation [1]
October 30, 2019

Conservative YouTuber Hunter Avallone attacked yours truly on Monday by falsely claiming I failed to “provide any evidence” that “thousands of channels are getting banned for their political speech.”

In a video titled, “‘Conservatives’ Call Me Out,” Avallone highlighted the pushback he was receiving after he tried to argue at a TPUSA event at Penn State last week that Big Tech censorship of conservatives was a myth [2].

As Avallone commented on my piece from Friday titled, “Conservative YouTuber Hunter Avallone Denies Big Tech Targeting Conservatives At ‘Free Speech’ TPUSA Event,” [2] he put up a screenshot of my piece and said I “claimed that thousands of channels are getting banned for their political speech without providing any evidence.”

You can see in the screenshot he shared that I linked directly to two articles loaded with evidence of Big Tech censoring right-wingers for their political views [3].

There’s no way he missed the links because he went on to talk about the second linked article highlighting Google hiring a 10,000-strong army of “flaggers” to censor “upsetting” or “offensive” search results deemed “anti-Islam,” “anti-Semitic” or “racist.” [4]

I changed my headline to give what I thought was a high schooler the benefit of the doubt that he was genuinely so ignorant that he didn’t understand repeating talking points from Media Matters and The Economist meant to defend Big Tech censorship was outright “defending Big Tech censorship.”
I didn’t realize he’s a 23-year-old man who loves shilling for the establishment [5] and enjoys dressing up as a woman so he can talk about how defending trangenderism is the definition of true conservativism:

No wonder Charlie Kirk [6] is promoting this guy!

The main point Avallone repeats in his latest video is that Big Tech can’t be biased because right-wing pages historically grew faster than left-wing pages on social media.

The reality is right-wing pages tend to grow faster — or did at least before Big Tech’s mass censorship regime was rolled out– because people actually want to read and watch what right-wing dissidents put out.
If people want to read and watch left-wing bull**** all they have to do is turn on the TV or read a newspaper.

It’s because our ideas are so popular that our ruling oligarchs are censoring us. Big Tech for two years now have been working feverishly to stamp out the last remaining corners of the internet where right-wingers are able to freely communicate with one another [7].

I could have easily provided hundreds of pages of evidence of Big Tech censorship in my article but it wouldn’t have mattered as Avallone wasn’t even interested in responding to the mountains of evidence I cited in my article. Just like with Big Tech censorship, he acted like it didn’t exist.
Fortunately, it’s a new era and the masses are getting wise to these fake right grifters and their dirty tricks.

Avallone’s video was downvoted to hell and he was ruthlessly mocked in his own comment section: