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Hurricane Sandy drowns coverage of White House scandals

Neil Munro
Daily Caller [1]
Oct 30, 2012

Hurricane Sandy is helping drown media coverage of several White House scandals in the crucial run-up to Election Day.

The storm has also dampened coverage of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s progress in critical Midwest swing states.

On Monday, the networks’ cameras were pointed at Obama as he stood at a White House podium to sketch out his administration’s response to the oncoming hurricane.

“I’m extraordinarily grateful for the cooperation of our state and local officials. … At this point, there are no unmet needs,” he said, speaking as the president, instead of a candidate.

The cameras weren’t pointed, however, at the Obama administration’s proliferating scandals, including the Justice Department’s “Fast and Furious” gun-smuggling project, the Treasury Department’s decision to strip Delphi Automotive workers of their pensions and the administration’s intelligence leaks.

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