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I Don’t Buy the Official Story of Joe Stack

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Anne Wright
Wake Up 1776
Friday, February 19, 2010

I think the ”official story” is fishy. Folks who buy in to ”official stories” hook, line, and sinker as fed to them by the mainstream media (which includes Fox) will no doubt have no problem accepting what they are hearing regarding this latest incident.

However, just like 9/11 (which many refuse to look in to thanks to Glenn Beck and others who completely ostricize and mock those asking legitimate questions of the government) the ‘official story’ doesn’t mesh. I understand that if one turns a blind eye to the very real and troubling questions of 9/11, they will certainly turn a blind eye to this more minor incident. Likewise, unanswered questions remain concerning the Christmas day underwear bomber. We now know the government knowingly allowed the underwear bomber to board that plane. When one looks in to all the facts surrounding these sort of incidents, you have to conclude that our government is withholding information from the American people. The question remains, why? And it seems they have an agenda that these ”crises” help them implement.

Here are those troubling questions regarding the Austin plane incident:

1. Incredible amount of damage is peculiar for planes of a similar size.  A similar sized plane hit a high rise in St. Pete, FL in 2002. Here’s the damage that plane did:

Yet Joe Stacks plane did this:

2. The lack of casualities (of which we are thankful) leaves one scratching their head. Only two people were injured, and reports today say 1 additional body was found. It was 10AM on a Thursday. Where were all the 200-some employees? Look at the destruction this caused. It defies common sense that there were not mass casualties.

3. Eyewitness said a fire engine and hazmat was present before the plane hit. (Not arrived quickly, but was present — how convenient.)

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

4. The media knew immediately who was responsible and had immediate access to his supposed suicide/manifesto.Yet when real terrorists attacks or real acts of violence occur, we wait for law enforecement officials to hold press conferences. The media waits and gathers the facts on the ground. There is no rush to judgment. The fact that Shep Smith on Fox (as well as AP and Reuters) and the others in the media were already releasing snippits of this man’s supposed diatribe makes me wonder. How long did it take us to learn the motivating factor of the Ft Hood shooter?  It usually takes Google a good 2-4 hours to index a blog and maybe 24-48 hours to index a low-content site. So how did the media find his name so quickly? How did they know to search for Joe Stack? His body didn’t get discovered until later afternoon. Did someone recognize him in the cock-pit before he crashed? I would also remind everyone that we are a nation of laws and people are innocent until proven guilty. And in this case, Joe Stack was “crucified” by the media (including Fox) before the case was investigated. The media is acting on recklessness and emotion.

5. All those who knew Joe Stack say they never saw this in him. One man, who knew him for 6 years, said he was even apolitical. Reports from those who knew him say he was fun-loving, happy, and loved his family.

Right on cue the mainstream media is already asking if this ”right wing anti-government extremism” in on the rise and part of a growing trend.

Next, look for yet further ”security measures” to be implemented. Subjecting more and more innocent Americans to their unlawful and degrading searches. We are resembling a police state more and more. I was just thinking if they will put body scanners in schools. Bet that will be soon.

This article was posted: Friday, February 19, 2010 at 10:40 am

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