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“I Have Power!”: Trans Twitch Moderator Who Identifies as a Deer Threatens to Censor Critics

“There are some people that should be afraid of me.”

Paul Joseph Watson
May 18, 2020


A transgender Twitch “Safety Advisory Council” member who identifies as a deer (yes, really) bragged on a live stream about having the “power” to censor critics, asserting, “some people should be afraid of me.”

Twitch is a live streaming video platform that has become notorious for its draconian levels of censorship which in many cases outstrip even YouTube.

Last week, transgender streamer “Steph” Loehr, AKA FerociouslySteph, who was born a man and apparently had his genitals removed, was announced as a new member of Twitch’s “Safety Advisory Council,” giving Loehr the power to influence Terms of Service and potentially ban individual users.

Before we get to Steph’s comments on this, let’s get to know xe a little better.

Here Loehr explains how he likes to prance around in his back yard acting like a deer while munching on grass.

In this clip, Loehr mewls like a deer while having a “deergasm” as his lover massages his head.

Here’s Loehr tweeting about what appears to be a sex change operation, remarking, “If your testicles make you depressticles, it’s time to put them to resticles.”

Here we discover that Loehr thinks many gamers are “white supremacists.”

As you can tell, Loehr is obviously a really balanced individual who would totally be expected to remain impartial and neutral when deciding what opinions are allowed to be voiced on Twitch.

YouTuber KeemStar highlighted how Loehr is now bragging about having the power to censor critics who made fun of him for identifying as a deer, commenting, “Twitch really need to put a end to this! It really is going to cause something like a Gamer Gate. I really believe this!”

In the clip, Loehr states, “I have power, they can’t take it away from me and honestly there are some people that should be afraid of me and that they are because I represent moderation and diversity and I’m gonna come for people if you’re a really shitty person – I’m gonna stand up against you period and Twitch is endorsing me to do that.”

“This is pretty much like all the authoritarians who want to control your speech, thoughts and administer punishments to you if you disagree with them,” remarked YouTuber Count Dankula. “This one, as soon as she got the power, her mask didn’t slip, she ripped it off and frisbee’d it over the horizon.”

After Loehr was appointed to Twitch’s safety council, the mainstream media immediately rushed to his defense [15], claiming that questioning his neutrality represented a “harassment campaign.”

As the Ralph Retort highlights [16], Loehr’s ascension to becoming a Twitch moderator was almost certainly helped along the way by the ADL.

“The promotion actually goes back almost two years. This isn’t something that just happened out of the blue. The ADL has been working overtime to get its hooks into gaming. Too much money and influence on the table for them to ignore!”

These are the kind of people who now have the power to control free speech online.

From a broader perspective, these are the kind of people being handed power over society.

And we wonder why we’re in such a mess.


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