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I Was Fired From The Federal Reserve For Being A Fan Of Infowars

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Monday, January 24, 2011

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Via email….

I was fired from a Federal Reserve subsidiary, [name withheld], for being a fan of Infowars and after they learned I was passing out information about corruption in the community.

They sent me a copy of a file page they are keeping on me, I believe, to cause a chilling effect.

Included in the file are the following comments:

Subject: ADM Employee – John Curley

* On a daily basis, spends blocks of time at other peoples’ workstations loudly discussing his disapproval of U.S. government and banking industry policies.

* Spends inordinate amounts of time on non-business websites (specifically ‘www.infowars.com [3]‘).  This web site banner is also proudly displayed at his workstation.

* Strategically places opinion articles from ‘infowars.com’ in common areas (employee lounges) where the most employees will read them.

* Regularly sends emails to ADM staff regarding ‘infowars.com’ articles and opinions.

* Over the last several months, has become noticeably more vocal and obnoxious in spreading his ‘gospel’, obviously trying to gather as many like-minded fellow employees as possible to discuss his radical views.

I can send supporting documentation.

John Curley