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Iceland parliament declines Snowden’s citizenship bid

Robert Robertsson, and Alistair Scrutton and Mia Shanley
Reuters [1]
July 6, 2013

A bid by Edward Snowden for Icelandic citizenship failed when the country’s parliament voted not to debate it before the summer recess, lawmakers said on Friday.

The vote leaves Snowden – believed to be staying in a transit area at a Moscow airport – with one option fewer as he seeks a country to shelter him from U.S. espionage charges.

Six members of parliament tabled a proposal late on Thursday to grant Snowden citizenship after they received a request from him via WikiLeaks, opposition parliamentarian Birgitta Jonsdottir said.

But a majority of parliamentarians voted late on Thursday against allowing the proposal to be put on the agenda, a day before parliament went into summer recess. It does not reconvene until September.

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