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Idiotic Marxists, Communists & Socialists Are Discrediting ‘Occupy Wall Street’

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Watch the two videos below. In the first, Occupy Sacremento protesters are unable to even say why they are protesting. The only one able to talk does so to point out that he is a Marxist/Communist.

In the second video, a thug from SEIU (an Obama-supporting Union), stalks Breitbart by following him around everywhere. Most of the protesters display little knowledge and the only thing they seem to be sure of is that they are Socialists and hate capitalism.

As we have repeatedly warned, if the genuine protesters don’t want to be completely discredited by these idiots, there needs to be a massive educational effort focused on the real causes of the economic collapse – banks refusing to loan bailout funds and the Fed’s ceaseless re-printing of money – both of which have been overseen by the Wall Street-financed Obama administration.