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If You Thought Wearing Google Glass Was A Privacy Concern, Just Wait Until We’re Eating Computers

Business Insider [1]
June 24, 2013

If you think wearing a pair of glasses with a camera and microphone attached to them is a privacy nightmare, you’re not going to like the next big thing in medicinal technology.

Biotech researchers are working on pills with sensors and wireless transmitters that can send updates to your phone when it’s time to take another dose. They can also monitor things like your vitals and body temperature, then send the information to your local doctor, Nick Bilton of  New York Times reports. [2]

Eventually these swallowable devices will be used for more than health care. Another use case: broadcasting your passwords several feet around your body, letting you unlock your car and start it without a key or sign into your computer just by sitting at your desk.

Full article here [1]