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Immune system discovery could lead to a ‘one size fits all’ immunotherapy as tumour-destroying cell can target and kill multiple types of cancer, scientists claim

Daily Mail [1]
January 21, 2020

Exciting new cancer therapies could be on the horizon after scientists discovered an immune cell that kills off multiple forms of the disease.

The new T-cells, which are a type of white blood cell, recognised and destroyed most types of cancers while leaving healthy tissue unscathed.

Researchers at Cardiff University say the new tumour-killing cell may one day provide a ‘one-size’ fits all cancer treatment which was once believed to be impossible.

But their latest study only looked at the T-cells’ effectiveness on cancer grown in a laboratory.

Animal and eventually human studies will be needed to test its true tumour-destroying abilities.

Doctors have for years been using a treatment called CAR-T therapy, which involves extracting patients’ own immune cells and genetically modifying them.

The form of immunotherapy sees the T-cells returned to the sufferer’s blood where they hunt and destroy cancer cells.

But the treatment only targets a limited number of cancers – including blood and bone marrow – and has not been successful for solid tumours, which make up the majority of disease cases.

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