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In The Future, Internet Privacy Will Be A Luxury For Those Who Can Afford It

Joseph Marks
Next Gov [1]
March 11, 2014


The experts even predict more peaceful uprisings against authority as repressive leaders become incapable of controlling public information and as social media enables more mass movements.

There may be a dark side too, though. People are likely to increasingly trade privacy for convenience, the experts predict, and privacy will increasingly become a luxury good for those who can afford it. Stalking, abuse and bullying may also continue to move from the physical world to the digital one. And, perhaps most importantly, the increasingly digital economy could create even deeper structural unemployment for low-skilled workers.

Predicting the future is always a tricky business [2], but the Pew Report should give Internet watchers plenty to chew over. Check out the full report on Pew’s website [3].

Full article here [1]