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In two generations, Europe as you know it will be over

Israel National News [1]
January 22, 2020

European countries resemble orchards whose trees have been fertile for forty years and which have reached maturity without putting down new roots.

French political scientist Jérôme Fourquet just revealed to Le Figaro that the number of newborn males with Arabic or Muslim first names has increased from just one per cent in 1960, to 19 per cent today.

But 1.3 children per woman – the number of babies non-Muslim French women have today – means that 100 French will have 65 children, then 42 children, then 27 children and so on. Each generation of young native French people will be almost halved.

“Western culture is self-destructing”, explain Meinhard Miegel and Stefanie Wahl in their book “Das ende des individualismus”. Individualist cultures, like the German one, will be replaced by collectivist cultures from immigration.

Germans work hard and immerse themselves in private life: hobbies, holidays, cars, houses and sports. But they no longer have children. Germany is over, but still has hegemonic tendencies. That is why the Germans threw themselves headlong into the decision to admit millions of Muslim refugees as soon as the horrors of war came to the gates of Germany.

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