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Inflation, fueled by gas and food prices, adds to worry

Ramsey Cox
The Hill [1]
April 12, 2011

Inflation is a big concern for Americans, and the rising price of gasoline appears to be fueling that anxiety, according to a new poll conducted for The Hill.

Sixty-two percent of 1,000 likely voters polled last Thursday said they were “very concerned” about inflation, and another 26 percent said they were “somewhat concerned,” leaving very few Americans who are not worried about rising prices.

When asked what is causing their concerns about inflation, 61 percent of respondents singled out gasoline prices while 18 percent said food was to blame. The next highest category, housing, was mentioned by just 9 percent.

Republicans worry more about inflation than Democrats, according to the poll, with 72 percent of Republican respondents saying they are very concerned and only 48 percent of Democrats reaching that level. Thirty-three percent of Democrats say they are somewhat concerned about inflation, while 14 percent said they are not very concerned about it.

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