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Infowars Obama Joker Poster Featured in LA Times Front Page Story

Liberty Fight Blog [1]
Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sept 14, The LA Times ran the following front page article. Infowars and Alex jones are not mentioned, but the photo that accompanied the story is that of a man holding an OBAMA JOKER/ INFOWARS sign.

The Photo appeared on page A11 of the paper version. The text on the sign looks small in the internet version below, but “Infowars.com” is very clearly visible in the large newsper version of the photo.


Some fear GOP is being carried to the extreme

The Republican establishment hopes cooler heads will prevail over strongly anti-Obama parts of the conservative base.


Tens of thousands of people converged on Washington to protest Obama. An energized base is essential to election gains, some leaders say. (Michael Reynolds / European Pressphoto Agency / September 12, 2009)