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Inhofe: Playing Up China’s Green Energy Status Is ‘Pretext for Imposing That Statist Vision on the American Economy’

Chris Neefus
CNS News [1]
Dec 9, 2010

A report released today by the minority staff on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, led by Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), details how little China relies on green energy, and says the notion that the Asian nation has an exemplary clean energy record is being pushed as a pretext for more top-down control over the U.S. economy.

“The lament that America is losing the ‘clean energy race’ to China is a mere pretext for imposing that statist vision on the American economy,” Inhofe said on Wednesday referencing the report. “China’s command and control system offers alluring possibilities for those who oppose the free market. But a government-directed economy, as with those that preceded it, will fail the test of time.”

Asked whether the senator and staff meant that the Obama administration was using China’s alleged green energy achievements to push statism, Inhofe’s Press Secretary Matt Dempsey said Inhofe would probably characterize it as “the environmental left” that was pushing the issue. He also suggested that the move was hypocritical because China “pursues coal and nuclear power, things that environmentalists supposedly don’t like.”

The report, The Real Story Behind China’s Energy Policy And What America Can Learn from It [2], is focused around the claim that non-hydro renewable energy sources in China make up a scant 0.6 percent of that Communist nation’s energy portfolio, while fossil fuels provide 87 percent of China’s energy.

Full article here [1]

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