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Inside the Mind of a Progressive Activist

J. D. Heyes
Lew Rockwell Blog [1]
July 24, 2013

Because I’m lonely and pathetic, I read articles about the latest Anthony Weiner scandal. In this article [2] which uncovers Weiner’s latest target for photos of his genitals, who is also a Progressive activist, Buzzfeed included a list of heroes posted by the young woman on one of her social media accounts. Her #1 hero is Obama and her #5 hero is Julian Assange.

She is apparently not aware that the reason Julian Assange lives in the Ecuadorian embassy is because the Obama Administration seeks to extradite, torture, and prosecute Julian Assange for espionage, much like it has tortured and imprisoned young, gay whistleblower Bradley Manning.

Of course, Assange and Manning are getting off easy compared to all the Pakistani toddlers Obama has incinerated with drones.

One could understand why Progressives miss these things, what with all their criticism of Obama for deporting more illegal aliens than Bush and for prosecuting the racist Drug War with gusto. Oh wait, Progressives don’t care about that either. Is there any violation of civil liberties or human rights that Progressives care about?  We’ll find out the next time a Republican is President.