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Intellectual Lobotomy of America: Mother Injects 8-Year-Old Daughter With Botox

Daily Mail [1]
Thursday, May 12, 2011

Comment: CPS will harass parents for feeding their kids healthy organic food [2], but don’t seem to care about cases like this.

When a child smiles and flashes a couple of dimples, people usually comment on how adorable they look.

But when you are the eight-year-old daughter of a pageant mum, even the most endearing imperfection cannot be tolerated.

California mum Kerry Campbell has come under fire after admitting she injects her young daughter Britney with Botox to get rid of ‘wrinkles’ that appear on the girl’s face when she smiles.

In a shocking example of how far some competitive parents will go in the name of pageant success, Kerry also waxes her daughter’s upper legs in case she hits puberty and any ‘fluffy hair’ starts to appear.

Full story here. [1]


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