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Internet Censorship Alert! Alex Jones exposes agenda to ‘blacklist’ dissenting sites and license users

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Aaron Dykes & Alex Jones
Prison Planet.com
Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Western world, from Australia to the United States, UK and parts of Europe, are moving in a unified front toward dictatorial Internet censorship. Australia has led the way, despite outcry from its populace, by “filtering” out certain banned content. In the United States, Sen. Jay Rockefeller, in continuing his family’s tradition of oppressing free humanity, has pushed forward Cybersecurity legislation that has already passed the House. He has done so in the name of warding off ghastly cyber “attackers” conceivably fronting for al Qaeda while ushering in a means to restrict free speech and expression online for the general population.

With Obama’s support, most of the developed world has accepted plans for government-approved online activity and Pentagon-monitored internet traffic. The U.S. and UK are facilitating the hijacking of what has, until now, been a highly-democratic Internet. Overall, it has been a technological God-send for bringing together communication and strongly expressing thought outside of the mainstream information available on television and in print.

Now, people are being forced onto the corporate-dominated Internet2– once again, in the name of “security.” (Internet) Freedom sacrificed at the same false alter of (Internet) Security. Independent blogs, news sites and online businesses will all be financially disadvantaged by access fees not demanded of dominant entities. What is today outside the ‘norm’ but well within free speech will tomorrow be evaluated by politically-correct criteria that will be used to identify sites to block and users to deny access. Currently, a campaign is underway to convince the public to accept “driver’s licenses” for the once-free Internet.

Already, government “blacklists” have been exposed. On its lists? The usual suspects– Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, Wikileaks.org and the like. Referrals to sites like Infowars.com and PrisonPlanet.com are being denied not only in Australia, but in places like New Zealand– who have not adopted the same policies, but do share ISPs who have ordered a block. All across the world, wherever internet “filtering” and outright censorship has been phased in– via libraries, businesses, airports, and so forth, sites that are critical of government are consistently blocked first. This has been true not only of Alex Jones’ several websites, but also of sites like Wikileaks, Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), Cryptome and etc, etc. The common theme is not operating outside of law or of speaking in extremities, but challenging the power establishment through distribution of information and/or shedding light on its otherwise little known unscrupulous activities.

This Orwellian scheme has already been branded by the outrages of Cass Sunstein, one of the Obama ‘Czars’, who has called for governments to ban “conspiratorial theories” and identified thought-crimes including a disbelief in man-made global warming and a belief in the basic goodness of “sunshine.” In considering how to eradicate ‘outlawed’ beliefs, Sunstein posits the benefits of using bloggers to engage and counter ‘disinformation.’ A very similar version of this strategy has already been adopted by the Pentagon in its “infowars” campaign.

Alex uses his most-recent experience in an outright ban to sound a warning that the enemy is already among us. Internet censorship threatens to stifle out a recent phenomenon of free thought and widespread information that has flourished on the Internet / world wide web. Only by standing up to undue constraints on our rights and by saying no to efforts to chill speech on the web can we save a stronghold of free humanity.

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