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Invisible Volcanic Ash Cloud or Visible Chemtrails? Seeing is Believing as the Public Need to Take a Deep Breath and Get Themselves Grounded in Reality!

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Neil Foster
The Sovereign Independent
May 24, 2011

Volcanoes have been around since the birth of Planet Earth and have continued to erupt on a regular basis through the millennia; certainly well before and after the invention of the aeroplane.

Around 50-60 are active every month with some eruptions lasting anywhere between a few hours to a few months or even years. Many are in a constant state of activity giving off volcanic ash over decades.

So when I read in the mainstream media that a volcano in Iceland is likely to ground aircraft across Europe for the second time in just over a year, I have to wonder what’s going on when volcanoes across the world have erupted in the past without such calamitous travel chaos being imposed on the weary traveller.

Of course, it’s  a great way to study the public reaction to such chaos in terms of the lengths and ingenuity some people will go to to arrive at their destinations despite cancellations and disruption to their journeys. I’m sure in this day and age of government intervention in every aspect of our lives and the constant monitoring of the public via, not only CCTV cameras, but also RFID tracking in passports, mobile phones, driving licenses and even library cards being the norm.

The last eruption from Iceland resulted in travel chaos across the whole of Europe when it was reported that an invisible ash cloud, yep you read correctly, an invisible ash cloud grounded all aircraft for days. However, ex racing car driver Niki Lauda took his own airliner to the skies to return safely to report that there was nothing up there and that there was no reason for aircraft to be grounded.

Of course, the grounding of ALL aircraft, even those which didn’t fly at heights whereby they would come into contact with whatever non-event was occurring up there somewhere, were also grounded putting severe strains on their businesses which in turn played into the hands of their larger and more aggressive, pro-European Union competitors. You know who you are Mr. O’Loudmouth!

So we have the threat of further travel chaos being put out there to panic the public again with worries over cancelled holidays etc. looming on the ash filled, although you can’t see it, horizon.

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I guarantee you it won’t affect Barry Soetoro’s, aka Barack O’Bama’s, flight out of Ireland this week though. Travel chaos is only for the little people I assume.

But just to scare the public even more, particularly those suffering from breathing problems such as asthma, as well as those with heart conditions, we have been warned to carry our inhalers with us all the time. People who suffer from heart conditions have even been advised that it’s particularly important for them to take precautions because they need to breath properly too. Hmm, I thought we all needed to breath but I guess they must be teaching something new in the schools nowadays.

Oh, they are, CO2 is a toxic gas so we’ve got to stop breathing out. I guess that means we‘ve all got to learn to stop breathing in to save the planet from ourselves.

However, one serious volcanic eruption expels more CO2 than all human activity in a year so perhaps they’d be better employed taxing countries with active volcanoes than taxing human beings for breathing.

Getting back to asthma suffers and the link to volcanic ash. How is it that this phenomenon has suddenly appeared whereby volcanoes are now a major factor linked to asthma?

I wonder if during this current farcical volcanic ash scare story we’ll see more intensified chemtrailing in our skies, to bring about the asthma pandemic, and if so will these be from invisible aircraft, camouflaging themselves in invisible ash clouds, if flights are grounded?

This article was posted: Tuesday, May 24, 2011 at 3:41 am

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