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Iran aiding Syria crackdown on protests: report

AFP [1]
April 14, 2011

Editor’s Note: So Iran is “providing crowd control equipment” to Syrian authorities to crack down on protest?  I seem to remember the U.S. being caught red-handed supplying tear gas canisters and ammunition [2] to Mubarak’s henchmen in Egypt for the very same purpose.   More from an administration that holds high the banner of hypocrisy.

Iran is aiding Syria in its suppression of pro-democracy demonstrators by providing equipment to put down protests and monitor opposition groups, the Wall Street Journal said Thursday, citing US officials.

Tehran has already begun providing crowd control equipment to Syrian authorities, and more deliveries are expected, said unnamed officials in President Barack Obama’s administration, reported the Journal.

Based on intercepted communications among Iranian officials, officials said the assessment also showed Tehran is seeking to aid Shiite groups in Bahrain and Yemen and destabilize US allies in those countries, the Journal said.

Full article here [1]

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